How it Works

Guerite - mined exclusively in the Mojave Desert, Nevada, USA for Ecoroq Filters.

Ecoroq filters contain a unique blend of two 100% natural mineral compounds, Guerite and Saugin. Guerite when used in Ecoroq Filters has the the ability to naturally adsorb and de-sorb moisture; the only mineral in the world known to have this property. Guerite is mined exclusively in the Mojave Desert, Nevada, USA. Saugin has been added to provide improved absorption qualities. With these two natural minerals gives you the most effective and efficient filter available today.

Ecoroq at work

Guerite in the filter attracts contaminated water molecules (adsorption) and these are then filtered through the microscopic, crystalline pores acting as a molecular sieve. Purified water particles are then released back into the refrigerated environment (desorption).