Some of the benefits...

  • 100% recyclable and does not degenerate
  • Reduces temperature by 2-3°C meaning optimal storage conditions achieved faster and more efficiently
  • Reduces defrost cycle requirement by up to 50%
  • Reduces peak temperatures and recovery times
  • Reduces refrigeration power consumption by up to 21%
  • Increases life of refrigerator compressor motors and reduces maintenance costs
  • Safer working environment with drier working conditions
  • Non-toxic and safe to use in any environment involving food and produce
  • Meat/fish retains 70% more of juices – retains taste, goodness and weight
  • Post-kill and post-cook chill times significantly reduced
  • Chocolate doesn’t sweat or discolour and pastries keep their consistency for longer
  • Produce can remain at peak freshness twice as long

Ecoroq - six steps to success


Big advantages over other systems